Importance of ICT Education in Language Learning

e-learningOver the past few years, several large-scale international studies have documented the successful integration of ICT in schools. These research studies have shown that ICT facilitates the acquisition of higher order thinking skills by providing cognitive scaffolding for students as they make sense of the information gathered; allowing experts, teachers and students to communicate their thoughts and interests in subject matters and simulating real-life situations and problems for students as they explore the connections between concepts and ideas.

21st century children choose to look for answers to their questions on the internet. Also, students who had followed ICT courses had more possibilities of being employed as most of the jobs nowadays require a good knowledge of ICT.

Research studies have brought forward the fact that the use of ICT as well as other teaching strategies have enabled students to move to higher-order thinking. Thus, students develop constructive thinking skills. As a result the students are learning in order to prepare themselves for the future information age. ICT can be used to enhance student understanding thus increasing the quality of Education.

In addition, it was noted the advantages of ICT for students and they may be as such: the students are more motivated and as such they become more creative when they are faced with new learning environments. Also, they are prone to assimilate in a disciplined way working collaboratively with their peers. As a result, they are able to generate knowledge. They will have the capacity to handle rapid change in any type of environment.

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The integration of technology in schools has brought about changes to teachers’ roles in the classroom. The classrooms where technology is being used have their teachers often compared to that of a facilitator or coach rather than a lecturer.

As educators use ICT in classroom, their teachings are proved to be very fruitful. Hence, in order to be at such level training is a must for all educators so that they acquire sufficient expertise for effective teaching. As a pedagogical tool ICT can provide a new framework so as to improve teaching. Hence, learning will be done in a collaborative, project-based as well as self-paced way.

As students become more independent, teachers who are not familiar to act as facilitators or coaches may not understand how technology can be used as part of activities that are not teacher-directed. This is a situation where the teacher gets an excellent opportunity to learn from the students as well as to model being an information seeker, lifelong learner and risk taker.