Need and Importance of ICT in Education

“Smart technology” is the familiar terminology that is widely being used in every being’s life. Smartphones, tablets, gadgets, smart televisions, etc., are the products of smart technology that have made human life smarter, easier and accessible. Smart technology has not only enhanced the way of living but also became an integrated part of everyone’s life. The Information and Communication technology to be precise has become a driving force behind economic growth and a developmental tool as well.

technologyICT is an extended term for Information technology which is a technological source to make information available at the right time, right place in the right form to the right user. Earlier, one had to wait for the newspapers to get the information across the world. Now with the smarter technology, information can be accessed from anywhere using smartphones and gadgets. All this is made possible with the help of Information and Communication Technology. Information technology has been influencing our lives in the recent years in the fields of education, healthcare, and business. Going an extra mile, Information and communication technology in schools has had a major impact.

Information and communication technology in schools can be used as a school communication tool to improve student learning and better teaching techniques. With the advancement of technology in education, schools adopt school communication software to transmit, store, share or exchange information. In this technological era, ICT in education has compelled many schools to get accustomed to smart technology. This school communication software uses computers, the internet, and multimedia as the medium of communication.


Computer-based learning: Computer-based learning is one of the modules of school communication tool that helps students to enhance their learning skills through computer aided education. It imparts computer knowledge in students and enables them to obtain large amounts of information from various websites. After two decades of introducing computers to schools, education has been revolutionized ever since then. It reduces time spent on mechanical tasks such as rewriting, producing graphs and increases the scope of searching. It not only helps in finding information but also in organizing information making it easier to share with others.