We are a group who believe that education is a very important foundation of our community and our country. If we only focus on it as adults, then we can ensure that the future is safe, and our children will grow up to be productive and useful members of the society.

Who We Are

When we started, we are a bit apprehensive with the acceptance of people in the field. We believe that it is quite a challenge to shake the status quo as now everyone is used to the process that we want to implement and the technologies that we want them to learn.

But through the passion of everyone in the team, we are able to communicate the importance of such actions in the field of education. Throughout our groups existence, we were able to convert countless of educational institutions to use the advantage of ICT in their lessons.

What We Do

We go around schools and talk to different educational institutions and explain to them the advantages of having ICT education and training for their teachers and administrators. In return, we expect them to craft their materials and lesson plans that are using the learnings that they picked up from us.

We also offer support to them as they embark on this journey. We continuously coach them in different aspects of ICT and learning for us to be able to stay consistent with our goals. With that, we are hoping that we can fully transform our educational system into an ICT ready one.